The Little Things are the Big Things – Melissa Storm
Melissa Storm
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The Little Things are the Big Things

People often say that I inspire them. Because I'm willing to share my struggles, they also share in my triumphs. They also share their dreams and aspirations with me.

If only I could write the story I've been carrying in my heart all these years… If only I could make more time for family, for health, for God… If only I could be a better, fuller version of me, then I'd be happy.

Well, what's stopping you? Yes, going after a dream is huge, scary, overwhelming, but you don't need to do it all at once. Whether you have 50 lbs to lose or 50,000 words to write, you are going to get there one step at a time, one keystroke at a time, one decision at a time.

You see, the little things ARE the big things. It might be that first step toward obtaining your dream, or it could be taking a moment to realize how much you already have.

I didn't become an author or an entrepreneur overnight, though sometimes it does feel that way. No, first I had to find the desire to tell my story, to start my business. Then I had to make that first decision. I'm going to write the first page of my novel today. I'm going to research local business laws today. I'm going to take that first little step toward that journey I've been craving.

And then you take another step, and another. Before you know it, your miles beyond where you ever thought you could be. All because of that first little decision, that first little step.

And this isn't only true when it comes to major ambitions, it's true in life, too.

Want more time with your family? Put down your iPhone and be fully present when your daughter wants to watch Frozen for the millionth time. Laugh at the jokes with her, sing the songs, argue over who gets to be Elsa and who has to be Anna, let her win, and then give her a cuddle. It may seem unimportant, because you've already seen the movie so many times. Heck, you can even recite it by heart. But to your kiddo, nothing is bigger than knowing her mommy loves her and enjoys their time together.

Life isn't the sum of all the big things you accomplished, all the far off places you journeyed. It's made up of all the little things you do. Are you taking them for granted? Are you just biding time until the movie is over, until the work day is done–or are you living all those moments the best you can?

We can all be more present in our lives. That goes for me, too.

But the great thing is we can start any time. Declare your intentions, and make them happen. What small thing can you do to make your life better?

Got it?


Now make sure you do it today. No excuses. You'll never get to accomplish the big things, if you don't first delight in the little things. Do them, enjoy them, and remember:

The little things are what truly define your life. Do you like what they say about you?