Wednesday Walks & Wags is all about friendship, second chances, and fur babies (yup, all my favorite things!).

How do we move on past grief to find new hope in life? Bridget and her hearty team of rescue dogs is about to find out that sometime help comes from the last person you'd expect…

And here's a fun fact, I made one of my own dogs a character! When you read about Bridget's Pomeranian, Teddy, you'll actually be reading about my Pom-Pom girl, Cricket. 🙂

Wednesday Walks & Wags

Wednesday Walks & Wags

Series: Sunday Potluck Club, Book 2
A heartwarming story of friendship, second chances—and cute pet companions—perfect for book clubs and fans of Sherryl Woods, Robyn Carr, and Fern Michaels!  
In the rapidly blooming courtyard beneath Bridget Moore’s new Anchorage apartment, the signs are unmissable: spring has come. As she unpacks boxes, Bridget hopes that she too is moving forward. With her tight schedule—college, working as a vet tech, volunteering at the animal shelter, caring for her beloved dogs—Bridget strives to keep too busy to register the pain of losing her mother just months ago.

Bridget’s new neighbor, Wesley, also seems to be running from something—quite literally. He and his two energetic dogs jog by twice a day. It isn’t long before she joins him. Bridget’s fellow members of the Sunday Potluck Club encourage her to enjoy Wesley’s company, though they understand all too well how tricky it can be to navigate life after loss.

But just as nature rebounds after the toughest winter, Bridget’s friendships, both human and canine, are a reminder that love and joy go on. With each outing, Bridget is rediscovering the simple pleasures that mean so much. A warm smile, a sun-drenched evening, a waggy tail—little by little, they may help Bridget find the path to happiness again . . .

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