On Finding Our Forever Home – Melissa Storm
Melissa Storm
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On Finding Our Forever Home

It's finally happening for us!

Falcon, Phoenix, and I are moving into our forever home. Do you even know how amazing and serious that is? We've found the home we want to raise our children in, the home we want to serve as headquarters for where ever life may take us.

We're putting down roots, and that's so, so exciting! We'll also have more space as our family grows, which is especially important since we still don't know whether we'll be adopting one or two children from Bulgaria. We'll be sure to share lots of pics on Facebook and Instagram as we settle in, but to start the sharing process, I'd like to show you the letter we wrote to the people who are selling us their home. It explains so perfectly why our new home is truly a dream come true. Enjoy!

Dear Sellers:

We’ve been dreaming about a new house for the last three years—ever since we started our family first by marrying each other and then by welcoming a beautiful baby girl into our lives. For the last several months, we’ve been working through the process to adopt one to two children from Bulgaria to help our family grow even more, so it’s very important we find a place that all of us can fit. Even more so, since we both work as writers and own our own publishing business, which means we don’t just live at home—we work there, too!

Over the years we’ve looked at hundreds of houses, most of which had cookie-cutter, same-as-everybody-else’s floor plans. None of them felt like us.

Everything changed, though, when we made the long drive up to Brighton to see your house. Because, you see, entering through those doors, we felt like we had come home.

As we toured each room, we saw our future unfolding before us. We immediately dubbed the third floor bedroom at the top of its own spiral staircase, the “writing tower,” the place our stories would leave our imaginations and come out into the world. We could see our children snuggled up with us in the second floor den to watch the latest My Little Pony movie while tossing popcorn up into the air and laughing when it missed their mouths. We saw a beautiful work place in the “green house” with all that natural light to help keep us bright and active—bonus points for the wet bar nearby so we could grab a nice glass of vino as soon as the workday comes to its end. But most of all, we saw a place where we could enjoy life, nature, and each other well into retirement.

Thank you for considering our offer. We look forward to bringing new life and memories to your beautiful property.

Yours Sincerely,

Melissa, Falcon, & Family