Recently a reader shared a poem with me. It was one she had written herself in memory of her best friend, a friend of the four-legged, giant-hearted variety. I was so touched by her poem and the relationship it honored that I asked if I could share it–and, thankfully, she said yes.

As you read, please take a moment to remember Daisy White and all the furry, feathered, and scaled friends who have enriched your life along the way.

Not Just a Dog

She was by little buddy. To me, she was everything.
Daisy was not just a dog, she was Love, Hope, Faith and Honesty and Companionship.
Dogs don’t lie. They don’t pretend. They do not pretend to be nice, hungry, tired, thirsty, angry, worried or afraid. If they act one way, they are that way.
If I coughed, sneezed, was sad or mad, she’d get concerned.
Every time I’d go into a different room, her little head would peek around the corner to make sure I was there. Then she’d stand in the doorway until I came out.
Evenings, Daisy was always the first to head to bed. She’d wait at the bedroom door and stare at me.
As soon as I’d crawl in bed, shed’ jump up and settle into the crook behind my knees.
Mornings, she was my alarm clock. She knew exactly when it was time to wake up. She’d quietly walk up to my face and stare at me until I woke up.
She didn’t need to back growl or whine. She communicated with her eyes.
If she needed food, she’d sit by her bowl and stare at me.
At work, for years, she was our official greeter. Whenever someone walked into the office, she’d go up to them and make them feel welcome. She made them smile. Often, she’d position herself just outside a coworker’s office door where she could keep track of everyone’ comings and goings.
Later, her hearing began to go and she wouldn’t hear people come in. Then her eyesight began to go and she wouldn’t see people come in.
And then, her little heart and lungs gave out and she was with me no longer.
No, Daisy was not just a dog. She was my friend, my shadow, my confident, my little buddy.

In loving memory of:

Daisy White aka Dinkums, Deezly, Boushie, Dazer Beans
July 5, 2006 to December 29, 2017

Poem by Dee White

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