New Release – Melissa Storm

Just Released!

Carolina Brown couldn’t be more different than her mama if she tried—and truthfully most of us believe she worked hard at precisely that. She worked hard at everything else, too, and set off to college to accomplish big things in the wide world. Unfortunately, God called her right back to Charleston when her mama suffered a near fatal accident that left her requiring round the clock care.

 Now that poor young woman reckons her ambitions have reached a dead end. I say it’s just a sudden turn toward a new destination she can’t quite see yet. If Carolina is ever going to believe in herself enough to reach for happiness a second time, she’s going to need some outside encouragement.

It’s been a long time since she’s come round to the church, but that’s not going to stop me from coming round to her. Sometimes you’ve gotta meet people part-way, and sometimes you’ve gotta entrust them with one miracle so they can find the next for themselves.

I do believe Cupcake is the perfect Church Dog for the job. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, can one little Chihuahua fix two broken lives? Stick around and see for yourself.