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I have a special treat for everyone today! I'd like you to meet my fabulous author friend, Laxmi Hariharan. She's stopped by to answer a few questions and offer a free read for all who are interested. Not only is Laxmi a super cool (and super glam) person, but she also writes wonderfully diverse magical books that she describes as “hot-sweet ginger chai. Sip it once and you'll never go back to normal chai or normal coffee 🙂 It's addictive, gives you a kick, and will keep you coming back for more!”

See aren't you hooked already?

Let's get to it!

Here’s a clichéd question:  You’re wandering out in the desert and trip over a hard object lodged in the sand. It’s a magic genie’s lamp—OMG! Which three things do you wish for and why?

My three wishes, and I so hope I actually get to do this one day.

  • The presence of mind to follow my heart
  • The chance to make this world a better place for the girl child, to give her opportunity to follow her dreams in a more equal world.

And actually those are the only two things I really wish for.

If there was one fictional character (either from literature, television, or movies) whose life and personality most resembled your own, who would it be and why?

Tough to answer – maybe because Luke Cage is so fresh in my mind, I pick him, only to the extent that he is a superhero who still has to hold down two jobs to make a living. You can be a superhero or a writer, but hey you still have to pay your bills at the end of the day. It’s a great leveler right?

Now a different spin on the same question:  If you could pick, which fictional character’s life would you most want to have and why?

And actually the one I'd most like to be is Dany Stormborn. I so want to fly with Dragons too.

Would you rather your writing remain obscure forever all the while knowing you had talent and stayed true to your creative vision OR would you prefer to write a book that achieves great commercial success but that you just aren’t proud of? Why did you choose the answer you chose?

I want a happy marriage of the two. So my quest is to find a way to be true to my vision and my voice and yet present the essence of it in a form that is easy to read, has mass appeal or at least a ‘mass niche' appeal —which I personally believe is the future. I believe if I keep trying and keep at this, I will get better with each book, and will hit the right note either sooner or later. Meanwhile my goal is to get at least one new reader a day. If I can keep doing that I am moving forward. There are no short cuts here, and those who persevere and stay the course will succeed. It's just a matter of time.

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