Live Video Chat with My Readers – Melissa Storm
Melissa Storm
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Live Video Chat with My Readers

Thank you so much for the overwhelming show of support during my first Facebook Live video stream! It was a lot of fun and great to connect with everyone.

If you missed out this time, watch the replay below. I'll definitely be doing this again, so hopefully you'll be able to join us then. These live videos are hosted on the page my husband and I share > < and we'd love to see you there.

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics:

And here are some pointers for other people who want to host Facebook Live videos:


  1. An iPad or tablet provides a more flattering angle than a cell phone.
  2. Ask for people to provide questions ahead of time, just in case you run out of things to discuss. Also have a helper who is able to share links and other info in the comments when relevant–that's something I could have really used during my live chat!
  3. Set up somewhere you are comfortable and that has good lighting and an interesting backdrop. Try not to look like you're having a mugshot taken.
  4. If crazy stuff starts happening around you, bring it into the video (noisy kids, pets, etc.) rather than ignoring it.
  5. Say “hi” to your viewers and thank them for stopping by, but don't spend the whole time greeting people either!
  6. Keep an eye on the questions feed and be able to quickly change topic to address new lines of thoughts.
  7. You will get likes and hearts while broadcasting and they will float across the screen. The first few times I was like a cat with a laser pointer, but after that, I learned to love them and to talk more on topics that generated positive reactions. It's GREAT market research for authors and a fantastic way to find new topics to blog or write about!
  8. Set a start time and an end time and stick to them! One hour seemed a little long, but it was easy to fill it up, because of all my fantastic readers and their questions.
  9. Don't be afraid to promote your chat. I was so nervous that I passed up the opportunity to tell my 8,000+ newsletter subscribers about the Live session. Instead I just told the 200 members in my street team and posted about it on my personal Facebook profile an hour before getting started. I still had a great turn out, but I really shouldn't have been afraid to let people know!
  10. Be human. That's what makes people like you. Talk about your life, not just your books or your business. Trust me, when readers feel connected with you, your writing comes to mean that much more to them. I made several new readers from people who randomly stumbled upon my feed–and it was awesome!