I want to send free autographed books to your kids this Christmas!

kidbookchallengeUPDATE:  This challenge is now closed for 2016. Thank you to all who joined me!

The holidays are my favorite time of year. I love the way the snow glitters under the rising sun, the abundance of peppermint mocha, the gifts, the joy, and–yes–even the Christmas music!

But for many, the holidays aren't quite so bright. I know I am very blessed to be able to afford nice gifts for all of my friends and family, but many others struggle to pay the bills and to purchase shiny, new toys on top of them. That's why I want to share the abundance this holiday season!

Besides writing sweet romances and inspirational fiction, I also write books for kids under my other pen name, Emlyn Chand. They are also wholesome, fun, smart, and often come with a lesson wrapped into the story. I want to send some autographed books your way this holiday season as a special gift for the little ones in your life!

That is why I am issuing my December Challenge. The challenge has two parts. Complete one and receive one free paperback autographed to the child of your choice. Complete both and receive three free signed paperbacks!

The best part, you get free eBooks to share with your littles straight away. To get started, you'll need to pick which challenge you'd like to accept. Once you complete the first challenge, you will be invited to keep going with the second one too!

I will send you free eBook copies of all the books in one of my kids' series, and I just ask that you post your honest and heartfelt reviews on Amazon once you've finished reading. That's it! It's especially easy when you consider how short children's books are and the fact that they come with gorgeous illustrations!

I hope you are excited about this challenge. If you are new to my books, I would also like to invite you to join my ARC team for free advance copies of all my Melissa Storm books in the coming year. Everyone who completes the challenge will also be automatically given the option to join–and I hope you will!

Are you ready to get started? I've included more info about each of the series in the challenge below. Once you look it over, just fill out the simple form below to let me know which series you'd like to start with. I will email you back within 24 hours to help you get started.

Happy holidays and God bless!

Melissa S.




The Bird Brain Books teach important lessons in entertaining beak-sized bites. Remember to say thank you when someone does something nice for you, know who you are—rather than what you look like—is what makes you special, appreciate love, friendship, and beauty where ever you can find it, and enjoy the simple bliss of being a kid.

Join twins Mike and Maddie as they solve animal mysteries around their hometown. The Pet Shop Society kids mystery series is perfect for fans of The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, Bunnicula, and the Baby Sitters Club!

The Tales from Upon A. Time are a funny children's fantasy series written by my husband, Falcon Storm.  A long time ago in the Kingdom by the Sea… Well, things were a mess. There were polka-dotted dragons, not-so-wicked witches, rock n’ roll minstrels, and all other manner of crazy characters running amok. So come along, venture back in time and journey into this topsy-turvy world of fairy tales run wild. Your guide is a Bard of the highest caliber, Upon A. Time.

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