Why I am NOT a Christian Fiction Author – Melissa Storm
Melissa Storm
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Why I am NOT a Christian Fiction Author

Why do we read, write, learn, live? For me, all the answers are all one in the same. I write in order to explore deeper questions, in order to think and get others to think, in order to stretch the bounds of my imagination, in order to grow.

Life is a journey and it's one that each of us can only take for ourselves. Sure, others can travel alongside us, but no one can step into your shoes and do it for you. And an important part of life to me and to many others is spirituality, finding how we relate to the larger world, and figuring out why we're even here to begin with.

This post isn't about my personal beliefs, but it is about some dangerous assumptions people have made about me and other authors who choose to address moral and spiritual issues.

It is so, so important to address these beliefs outside of a traditional Christian Fiction model. For me, spirituality doesn't happen within the confines of a church, a temple, or mosque. It doesn't follow a specific course of rules and regulations, and faith is something we must exercise in all aspects of our lives, not just when dogma dictates or when it's convenient, or expected, or safe.

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it's ugly. But every new situation is a chance to grow in your faith and to grow in all the great things that make you you and tie you both to God and to your fellow man/woman.

I believe in kindness despite any differences in belief, and I believe in sharing goodness with all people, not just those who believe the exact same things I do. I like to think, I like to be challenged, I like to grow in self-awareness and in my personal spirituality. That's why I write about the things I do. Heck, that's why I write. It's that constant, hungry pursuit of a higher wisdom, of becoming better than I am, of doing good.

I'm not a fan of preaching to choirs, nor preaching really because I believe spirituality is deeply personal. I write for myself and for my daughter, for anyone who is interested in reading enjoyable stories that raise some important questions but ultimately allow you to answer those questions for yourself. I want ALL people to be able to read and connect with my books (if they choose to) and to be able to contemplate the spiritual and moral issues raised–not just Jews, not just Muslims, not just Christians.

Just people.

And that's why I'm not a Christian Fiction author.