How my Chihuahua helped land my first major publishing deal! – Melissa Storm
Melissa Storm
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How my Chihuahua helped land my first major publishing deal!

Everyone knows I love dogs, but let me tell you how that led to a huge milestone in my author career that I honestly didn't even believe could be possible for me.

It was July in Denver. I was attending the Romance Writers of America conference (my first) and missing my Sky Princess like crazy. At an industry showroom event, I saw a woman holding a little Brussels Griffon dog in a carrier on her chest. Naturally, I wanted to be her best friend. So I hung out and talked with her and her team at Kensington while giving her dog lots of pets.

Then after the conference, my new friend went to bat for me! She shared her excitement over my books and got one of the most respected and senior editors at the publishing house excited too. And the coolest thing is they both understood exactly my own personal blend of Sweet and Christian Romance–and loved it!

Well, today, I just finished signing the contract for my first big traditional deal for a three-book series called THE SUNDAY POTLUCK CLUB! Yay!

Finally, I'll be able to see my books in stores, and perhaps even more exciting… I signed a second contract for a collaboration with one of my author heroes, Fern Michaels!

All this happened because my husband and friends forced me to leave the house, venture out of my comfort zone, and network! And because of one very cute little dog who gave me cuddles just when I needed them.

So excited about this new chapter in my career and the new partnership with Kensington and its wonderful team. Thank you to ALL who helped me get here. It's a great place to be!