I believe in miracles. I've had them happen to me. And it's why I write the kind of books I do–to share that hope with others. One of the things I love most is when readers turn around and share their stories with me!

One such reader is Robin. She emailed me after reading my short story ANGELS IN OUR LIVES to tell me how much it meant to her and why. Let me tell you a bit more about this amazing woman…

Robin became a single mother after leaving an abusive relationship. She raised her two sons and her youngest nephew with the help of her parents and God. The boys are now grown and her oldest son has made her the proud Grandmother of three. Robin also suffers from a rare bone disease and she turns to reading for peace and comfort. This is the true story that made Robin believe in angels nearly twenty-five years ago:

While driving home to North Carolina from Florida with her 4-year-old son, Robin fell asleep at the wheel. She awoke when she felt someone shaking her shoulder and yelling for her to wake up. When she opened her eyes, she was going 95 mph heading straight for the concrete post of a bridge! She was able to stop the car just in time and pull off the road. After checking on her son, who slept through it all, she looked at her shoulder and found it to be slightly red like someone had grabbed it. Shaking and crying, she thanked God and her Guardian Angel for saving their lives. This one incident changed Robin's life forever! Despite other people telling her she imagined it and that she was dreaming, Robin has held firm in her belief that she, her son, and her unborn son whom she did not know she was pregnant with at the time were saved by an Angel.

Angels come to us when we need them the most. Whether it is a touch on the shoulder to wake us up or a feeling of love and security on a bad day, our angels are always nearby!

Robin believes in angels, and so do I!

Do you believe?

Do you have your own story to share?


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