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Book Cover Layout-CS.inddWhat if Harry Potter and the X-Men were real? What if they lived together in one awesomely terrifying universe? What if they played fast and loose with their sexuality and refused to apologize about it?

Welcome to Song of Secrets, a thrilling LGBT Urban Fantasy first-in-series that I devoured. This book is very aware of itself, allowing the characters to reference Harry Potter, Frozen, X-Men, and other related entertainment franchise icons–and, for me at least, that made it so much better.

The first 10% or so is rather disorienting as you're tossed into this brave new world with four alternating viewpoint characters, but once they come together, the fun really starts. Gabe and Theo are natural–or feral–witches who have never understood their powers. Kitty and Erin are human-demon hybrids–one of whom has been imprisoned and tortured for her powers and the other who is perpetually disappointing her ultra demon mom who expects more of her.

Each is recruited into a small homeschool environment where there's instant friction. Too bad house rule #2 is no getting it on with your housemates. Darn!

I found myself most attached to the character of Theo who can shift into several different forms, including the owl on the cover. Unlike other popular shifters (ahem, Mystique), she can't change form willy-nilly. Theo must absorb the animal she wants to acquire, and doing so kills the animal, which destroys her just enough to limit her inventory of readily available bodies. Also each animal comes with its out set of instincts and desires, which are some times at odds with what Theo wants. My favorite part of the book came when Theo was questioning her humanity after a rather disturbing incident that went down while she was in jaguar form.

Another thing I loved about Theo is how well written she was. She wasn't just a floating head. She really embodied each and every one of her forms. Through Theo, I felt flight, I felt carnal hunger, and I felt what it was like to smell in four dimensions. It. Was. Awesome!

This special attention to world-building is what really made Song of Secrets sing. If you love reading about worlds you can step right into for yourself, this is a must read!


About the Book – About the Author – Prizes!!!

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About the book: Sing a song of secrets … A shape-shifter with a penchant for breaking and entering … A homeless boy struggling with hallucinations that could turn out to be all too real … A monster in need of a rescue … And a mathematical genius with a real demon of a mother … Fate draws Theo, Gabe, Erin and Kitty to a place they jokingly call “The School for Wayward Demons.” There they learn that sinister forces threaten to invate the city of San Francisco and plot to overthrow the powers that be. Now they must choose whom to trust: the witches, the demon, or the Shaitans. Or each other. Get Song of Secrets through Amazon.

TateHallaway_ateventAbout the authors: Tate Hallaway leads a double life. By day, she’s Lyda Morehouse, a mild-mannered science fiction author of the Shamus and Philip K. Dick award-winning AngeLINK series. By night, she’s the bestselling para- normal romance and urban fantasy writer, Tate Hallaway. She’s written and published over a dozen novels (five as Lyda and nine as Tate), and together her two identities have over a decade of professional publishing experience. Connect with Tate on her website, Twitter,or GoodReads.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARachel Calish lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota because it’s so cold you just have to sit inside and write novels. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Writing degree by writing stories about sexy demons. A fan of games of all kinds, you can find her playing anything from the lat- est video game releases to Checkers with half the pieces missing. Under the name Rachel Gold, she writes LBGTQ Young Adult fiction. Connect with Rachel on her website, Facebook, Twitter,or GoodReads.

Learn more about Song of Secrets‘s tour mate HERE.

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