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How my Chihuahua helped land my first major publishing deal!

Everyone knows I love dogs, but let me tell you how that led to a huge milestone in my author career that I honestly didn't even believe could be possible for me. It was July in Denver. I was attending


Friends, Fun, and Fan-Girling at RWA in Denver

I did it! I traveled outside of my cozy, little introvert bubble and got out there to meet real people in the real world! I've been part of the online romance community since 2011, but I've met very few


Dreams never die…

Lately I've been thinking a lot about dreams and ambitions. Mostly because right now I'm trying very hard to make one of mine come true. It's a dream I've wanted in one form or another my whole life. It's


If I love it, then why is it hard?

What do you love most in this world? Like truly love? Perhaps your children, family, God, career, a hobby, maybe even writing (like me). Okay, now how much time do you spend wrapped up in that thing you


Would you help make my dreams come true?

Have you ever had a dream? Well, yes, of course you have, right? We all dream. It's one of the greatest joys in life. Having the faith that you can be or do anything if only your heart is in the right


I’m not afraid of you, 2017!

Almost a new year already. Can you believe it? I know many of us feel like 2016 took its dear sweet time exiting the scene as it stumbled around like a drunk and flailed its arms wildly, claiming many


Live Video Chat with My Readers

            Thank you so much for the overwhelming show of support during my first Facebook Live video stream! It was a lot of fun and great to connect with everyone. If you


Here are the results of my first ever reader survey!

First off, a huge thanks to the nearly 600 (yes, 600!) people who took time out of their week to share their feedback. I honestly was only expecting 100 or so responses, so this extreme outpouring of support


My Disgusting Fingernails

I've always been a nail biter, but lately it's gotten to ridiculous levels. As in I can't even open packaging because of how chewed off my nails have become. I need to rely on hubby for everything or just

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