Stand-Alone Stories

A handsome stranger. A whirlwind trip to India. A life forever changed.

For Daly English, life is a series of one disappointment after another. Rather than dealing with the fall-out, she locks herself in her studio and works tirelessly toward completing her art school portfolio. Unfortunately, fate isn’t done with Daly quite yet.

Time and time again, a handsome stranger refuses to be ignored, forcing her to come to grips with the loss she’s been harboring for years and to trust herself to love again. Their whirlwind romance transports her from the drab Midwest straight to the bold and colorful capital city of India where a slew of quirky characters cast a stark contrast to her world at home.

Will Daly continue to fade into the background of her own life, or will her journey transform her into exactly who she needs to be?

He's run away from everything that ever meant anything–but will he run away from her?

Rhett “the Jet” Alexander, the hottest new recruit for the San Antonio Bombers, has made a career of running—usually while holding a football. So, of course, when his long-term girlfriend saddles him with an ultimatum, he chooses to run away from both their relationship and his home state of California to pursue a new life in Texas. So why is it that when he meets the shy beauty Cassie, the only thing he wants to do is run straight into her arms and hold on to her forever?

Cassie Brown loves her simple life as a cowgirl on the outskirts of San Antonio. The Saddleback Ranch has been in her family for several generations, but now is in danger of closing down due to dwindling profits. She refuses to let her great-grandfather’s legacy dry up without doing everything in her power to save it. The last thing she needs is a distraction, especially a pretty boy running back who can barely commit to dinner plans, let alone a woman.

While Rhett and Cassie are as opposite as they come, they can’t deny the sparks that fly between them. Will he finally stop running long enough to offer his heart, and can she afford to risk hers? Find out in this sweet Western romance inspired by Bella Andre’s Game for Love.

Can a city girl and country boy find love under the Texas stars?

Louise Stark left her small Texas home town during high school and vowed never to look back. Unfortunately, she has no choice when she is called in to settle the estate of a great aunt she hardly knew. With her best friend Siena Remington in tow, she reluctantly takes a trip across the country and back into her past—planning to return to her fast-paced Manhattan life as quickly as possible.

Brady Williams leads a life filled with adventure, danger, and fame as the star bronco rider in a traveling rodeo. Proud of his reputation as the sexiest bad boy in Texas, he knows he can have any woman he wants. So why can’t he get his mind off straight-laced Louise, the girl he shared his first kiss with back in elementary school? And, more importantly, how can he convince her to stay in Jefferson long enough to give him a chance?

Louise and Brady are about to find out that no amount of distance can stand in the way of two hearts that fit perfectly together. So saddle up and get ready to fall in love with this sweet Western romance inspired by Melissa Foster’s Remington series.

She's a rabbi. He's a minister. Can they overcome their differences to find Heaven on Earth?

Rabbi Heidi Gold is overjoyed when her best friend Ari asks her to officiate her wedding. Heidi’s mother, of course, is overjoyed at all the successful young single Jewish men she’s bound to meet at the reception. But at just twenty-five years old, Heidi isn’t looking to settle down… that is, until she looks across the dance floor and sees heaven personified in a handsome stranger.

Pastor Sam White loves counseling newly engaged couples even though being married to God has always been enough for him, personally. That’s why he can’t understand his irresistible draw toward Heidi. Although she is beautiful, faithful, and kind, is clearly all wrong for him. Still… what could once dance hurt?

They’ve never met before, so why does it feel like their hearts have known each other all along? Will Heidi and Sam find a way to overcome their differences and experience the full beauty of God’s love on Earth? Find out in A Wedding Miracle, inspired by Lucy Kevin’s Four Weddings & A Fiasco Kindle World!

Most people are lucky to find one great love, but Jasmine Michaels has somehow found herself falling head over heels five separate times… each whirlwind romance more dizzying than the last. She’s known love and known it well, so how can she be sure she’s ready to settle down and kiss new love goodbye for good? And is the man waiting for Jasmine at the end of the aisle the one that’s meant to be her forever?

Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. In the absence of something old, her memories will have to be enough. Follow Jasmine into a journey through her past and toward her future as she finds her Mr. Happily Ever After.

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A little girl sits alone in her treehouse, wondering if she’ll ever be beautiful enough to find love. It’s not just her face that’s ugly though; it’s everything about her. She’s different, and the other kids don’t like her. “I just need to find one person,” she tells herself. “Just one person who can love me, then I won’t be so lonely anymore.”

As she grows up, she finds companionship among books and animals, but still longs for that special connection with another person. Even when she tries to compromise, however, she still can’t find anyone to accept her for who she’s always been inside. Years later, on the eve of her divorce, she makes a pledge never to fall in love again. After all, love doesn’t work when it only goes one way. She creates a fictional boyfriend to love, deeming him enough. Little does she know that the man she has imagined is, in fact, very real—and headed straight into her life to turn things around once and for all.

What unfolds is an epic love story that will melt even the coldest of hearts. I wouldn’t have believed it possible, except it happened to me. This is my story, and every last bit of it is true. And if it happened for me, it can happen for you too. 

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Falcon first attempted suicide at the age of nine, and every day since he's searched for the strength to go through with it once and for all. He's tired of the pain, tired of the abuse, tired of being hurt by those who are supposed to protect him. But then at the age of twelve, she came to him in a dream. The blue eyes, the smile, the baby in her arms—his baby. It's a lot for a twelve-year-old boy to take in, but it's also what keeps him alive all those long, hard years.

Now he's thirty and wants to leave everything he's ever known behind to chase the woman of his dreams, but is she even real? Falcon packs up his life and moves almost four-thousand miles away from his home in a last ditch attempt to find the woman he's sought for over eighteen years. He's either going to find her or die trying. Here's hoping she exists. 

What unfolds is an epic love story that will melt even the coldest of hearts; I wouldn't have believed it either, except the woman Falcon chased for so long was me. This is my husband's side of our love story, and every last bit of it is true. And if it happened for us, it can happen for you too.

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She pours her heart into each new artwork and, with it, magic…

For years, Cindy Roberts has whittled away at dull blocks of wood to transform them into gorgeous, custom works of art. But it isn’t until a friend convinces her to exhibit at a local crafts show that she ever considers selling her art to others. Now the new owners of Cindy’s artworks begin to report strange occurrences—occurrences that feel as if each is torn directly from Cindy’s own life and memories.

As she tracks down each customer in hopes of figuring out what is going on, she soon comes to understand that her art is imbued with a special kind of magic that acts as a vessel for changing others’ lives. But how can Cindy control a magic she doesn’t yet understand? And when disaster strikes in her own life, will she find a way to harness its strange power for herself?

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