About Melissa

Melissa Storm is a mother first, and everything else second. She used to write under a pseudonym, but finally had the confidence to come out as herself to the world. Her fiction is highly personal and often based on true stories. Writing is Melissa's way of showing her daughter just how beautiful life can be, when you pay attention to the everyday wonders that surround us.

Melissa loves books so much, she married fellow author Falcon Storm. Between the two of them, there are always plenty of imaginative, awe-inspiring stories to share. Melissa and Falcon also run the business Novel Publicity together, where she works as publisher, marketer, web designer, and all-around business mogul. When she's not reading, writing, or child-rearing, Melissa spends time relaxing at home in the company of her four dogs, four parrots, and rescue cat. She never misses an episode of The Bachelor, because priorities.

“A WEDDING MIRACLE made me smile ear to ear, made me tear up happy tears, made me crack up laughing… This was unlike any book I had ever read before. Then again that is one of the reasons Melissa Storm is one of my favorite authors!” ~ Amazon Reviewer Heidi Lynn

“I'LL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU is a well written sweet romantic story that all girls dream about and hope for. Don't give up – your prince charming is out there just waiting to find you! I look forward to reading more from Melissa Storm. She excels in writing sweet romantic story lines that keeps the romantic at heart alive in each and every one of her readers.” ~ Amazon Reviewer Kathy

“ANGELS IN OUR LIVES will make you both smile and cry. Maybe even at the same time. It's emotional, endearing, encouraging, and showcases just how wonderful, and enjoyable, having a pet in your life can be. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves stories about angels, dogs, and the power of believing in miracles.” ~ Amazon Reviewer Jasmine B

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