I'm writing today with news of a new book that is very close to my heart, indeed. Much of the story takes place during the month of November don't delay in getting started with Manic Monday, Inc.

I'm very open about my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and have learned how to live with it in a way that makes it a blessing just as much as curse. In this new novel, I dive deep into the OCD brain to show how the illness impacts me and others who manifest their anxiety in a similar way.

There is also a sweet love story, along with tales of friendship, family, and fur babies. I so hope you'll enjoy this one. It's very dear to me!

Manic Monday Inc

Manic Monday Inc

Series: Sunday Potluck Club, Book 3
Live in the moment . . .
Nichole Peterson increasingly believes in rituals, routines, and checklists—especially after almost losing her father to cancer two years ago. Now she lives in constant fear of saying the wrong thing, knowing any conversation could be their last. She met her best friends—and their cherished canine companions—at the hospital right before each lost a parent. As the only member of the Sunday Potluck Club with a surviving loved one, she has a hard time opening up to her friends about the struggles that come with remission.

When a new doctor diagnoses Nichole with obsessive-compulsive disorder, she refuses to accept it. Then a series of unexpected events further throws her carefully scheduled life off-kilter and her anxieties into overdrive. It seems the only person she can confide in is her best friend’s older brother, Caleb—her polar opposite.

A free spirit, Caleb treasures spontaneity, avoiding structure as much as possible. Yet he’s the happiest person Nichole has ever met. As they grow closer, might their unlikely alliance help Nichole rediscover the more relaxed self she can scarcely remember—and even find something extra special along the way?

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