When Sarah Campbell agrees to help her dying patient "set things right," she never anticipated that such a simple request would completely upend her quiet life.

Enter Finch Jameson, the genius behind a global social network. Though usually shrouded in solitude, he can't ignore the secrets Eleanor's letter hides.

Together, they're plunged into a decades-old cold case, one intertwining their lives in unforeseen ways. And as each new clue is uncovered, they find themselves drawing closer to the truth--and also to each other.

But as secrets from the past and present collide, will Sarah and Finch's budding relationship prove strong enough to withstand the storm of Eleanor's legacy?

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melissa Storm is happiest with a book in her hands and a pet on her lap.

Her most exciting adventures have always been born of her own “overactive imagination,” a burden which often got her into trouble as a child. Now that she’s grown, however, she receives accolades for her inventive tales of romance, humor, sweetness, and inspiration.

This shy, indoorsy authoress lives in the heart of Alaska with her husband, her daughter, and a lively domestic zoo brimming with spoiled cats and dogs. Melissa dreams of one day raising bees in her backyard, but has promised her daughter that she will resist this particular temptation. For now.

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