The Pearl Makers

She saved her daughter’s life. Now she must save her soul.

Although Elizabeth died giving birth to her daughter, her death wasn’t the end. She awakens to find her sacrifice has transformed her into a special kind of angel—a protector—and if she is able to help her charge through the Pearly Gates, she too will be welcomed into Heaven.

Elizabeth is both heartbroken and overjoyed when she finds she’ll be watching over Daisy, the daughter she never got to meet. She’d like nothing more than to live with her little girl in paradise, but being a guardian is hard work. Will Elizabeth be reunited with her daughter, or forced to suffer in silence as she watches Daisy make mistakes that place her just out of Heaven’s reach?

This tale of sacrifice, redemption, and unyielding love is for anyone who believes in angels—or is looking for a reason to believe. The complete edition includes all ten stories, plus:

  • Peter’s Story, a glimpse into the history of the series’ most enigmatic character
  • Angels in Our Lives, an angel story for animal lovers
  • A reader’s guide to the Pearl Makers universe and mythology
  • A foreword from the author discussing her personal connection to the story
  • An extended ending with all-new scenes

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The animals in our lives are often just angels in disguise.

Six-year-old Emily needs a miracle if she’s ever to walk again. Luckily, her protector angel refuses to leave her side. In fact, she comes to Emily as a golden retriever puppy named Lulu, so that she may stay close by as the little girl struggles through recovery.

Emily and Lulu quickly become inseparable, accomplishing together what everyone believed impossible. As the years pass, Emily grows into a strong young woman while Lulu simply grows old.

Will Emily lose her angel?

This special tale of friendship is sure to bring comfort and peace to anyone who has ever mourned the loss of a beloved pet.

When Theo’s wife dies while giving birth to their daughter, he’s convinced love just isn’t in his destiny. And while life as a single father and a widower is not one he’d envisioned for himself, he knows he has to be strong for his little girl and for the memory of his dear Elizabeth—to whom he still writes daily love letters. Little does he know, there are angels watching over him, and they will stop at nothing to ensure he finds happiness once again.

Growing up, Tina’s parents couldn’t afford the speech therapy she so desperately needed, which meant she spent much of her childhood alone and wishing desperately for a friend. The answer to her prayers came in the form of Mitzi, a Daschund puppy that has grown with her over the years and helped her to overcome her impediment. But now Mitzi is too old and weak to fight off the cancer that’s taken over her body, and Tina isn’t quite ready to give up the greatest friend she’s ever known.

Neither Tina nor Theo is looking for love, even though it’s exactly what they need. Will both of these souls longing desperately for a connection find solace in each other—or are some hearts too battered to ever love again?

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There are two classes of guardian angels. The first is the kind people write fluffy, feel-good movies about, then there’s that other group, the kind nobody writes stories about. Esther is one such angel, a Warden. Cursed for the sins of a past life, now it is her job to make sure her charge goes through Hell on Earth to atone for his wrongs. Only then can she ever hope to see Heaven.

Victor Larsen committed an unforgiveable transgression, the kind that gets people sent straight to Hell. For the Pearl Makers though, Hell isn’t a place, it’s a state, one you can only escape by perfecting your soul and becoming worthy of Heaven.

With their fates intricately entwined, Esther must torment Victor in order to save him and to atone for her own wrong-doings. But will it be too much to follow him through one life after the next knowing it is she alone who is responsible for his suffering? Will either of them ever truly escape their pasts and find paradise?

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He saved her from death. She saved him from life.

The Angel of Death collects hundreds of thousands of souls each day, so why can’t he take Morgan Schonberg’s life from her? He first tries to claim her by causing a car crash. When that doesn’t work, he tries fire, disease, and nearly a dozen other methods, becoming more infatuated with her with each failed attempt.

As if the string of near-death experiences wasn’t enough, Morgan begins to sense the other realm—and with it, the man who appears every time something deadly is about to unfold. Before long, she finds herself returning his affection. Sadly, Morgan can only communicate with her new love when she is on the brink of death. She knows their relationship must change in order to continue. If they are to ever truly be together, she must die or he must become human—both impossible transformations.

Will Morgan and her angel find a way into each other’s arms, or is their love destined to end in tragedy?

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