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Is it ever too late to give love a second chance?

James Morgan never really believed in love. That is, until he laid eyes on Deborah Walker at the local soda fountain. He surprises himself by inviting her out for an impromptu night on the town, and she shocks him even more by agreeing. As the night progresses, the two share their past histories and secret dreams, and James realizes that she is the perfect woman for him. The only problem is that he ships off to Korea the next morning. Fulfilling his duty is non-negotiable to James, even if fighting for his country will ultimately break both of their hearts.

Deborah promises to wait for him, but two years is a long time to put her life on hold, especially for a man she only knew for one day. When Rip Rockwell returns from the war and James does not, Rip proposes marriage to Deborah. She agrees and they build a beautiful life together until his death fifty years later. Through it all, though, she can never quite forget her first love. She retires to Abilene, expecting to live out the rest of her days in peace. So imagine her surprise when James Morgan moves in next door…

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Can two broken hearts heal one another? 

Every day Rip Rockwell fights the guilt—the guilt that he survived the war when his best friend did not—and the shell shock. Both of which refuse to let him return to a normal civilian life. When he meets a beautiful young woman in his new neighborhood, he fights his feelings for her too. After all, he doesn't deserve to be happy when it's his fault his best friend died.

Deborah Walker gave her heart to a man who disappeared in war-torn Korea. While she wants to keep her promise to wait for him, she also has no idea whether he survived the battle that rendered him MIA. When a handsome veteran moves in next door, she denies her growing attraction to him, especially since his very presence reminds her of the man she's already lost.

Can Rip and Deborah find a way to heal together, or are they destined for an endless series of heartbreaks?

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Her picture saved his life. Now he'll risk everything to find her.

When James Morgan left for Korea, his heart belonged to another woman. But all that changed when he found the picture of a beautiful, exotic woman one of his troop mates left behind.

The tattered photo gives him the resolve he needs to make it home alive, but once he gets there, he has no idea how to go about finding the mysterious woman who unknowingly saved his life.

Gloria Flores is distraught when her brother dies fighting a war she never supported in the first place. Still, it falls to her to pick up the shattered pieces left in the wake of his untimely death. In order to heal, her family must relocate once again, but Gloria is tired of being the protector. She’s hurting too, and something seems to be tying her to the small Texas home town. But what?

Will James find the woman he so desperately seeks, and will he be exactly the person she needs too?

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Because first loves last forever.

When Deborah Rockwell’s first love resurfaces just as she’s getting ready to enjoy retirement, she is torn between staying true to her late husband’s memory and trying to find new happiness with the one who got away. These days, she can barely remember that cheerful girl she was when James Morgan declared his undying love more than fifty years ago, and she’s fearful he’ll be disappointed in the woman she’s become.

James has always wondered what could have been with Deborah and is sure they’ve met again by design, not by coincidence. When Deborah agrees to give him a second chance, he goes about recreating the perfect night they shared so many years ago.

Can these two former sweethearts put their pasts behind them and move into the future together—or are they destined for even more heartbreak?

Special Boxed Set Edition

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insidelookTheir love started a legacy. Now you can read the full story in one special boxed set edition with exclusive bonus content you won’t find anywhere else. This special boxed set edition features two novellas, four short stories, and additional bonus content including:

  • My Heart Belongs to Only You, Deborah's bittersweet love story with Rip
  • I'll Never Stop Loving You, James's meant-to-be-no-matter-what love story with Gloria
  • When I Fall in Love & You Make Me Feel So Young, two short stories about James and Deborah together
  • Look Homeward, Angel, a new short story about Rip and Deborah's move to Alaska
  • All I Have to Do is Dream, a new short story about James and Gloria as parents
  • A family tree and suggested reading order for all three generations of the Cupid's Bow series
  • A foreword from the author discussing the inspiration behind the series

…And this is just the beginning. Read more about James and Deborah, both apart and together. Watch as their children fall in love in the 1980s, and their grandchildren today. This sweeping family saga of loves both lost and found makes for the perfect sweet reading addiction. Because, after all, everyone deserves to find love that lasts.

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Opposites may attract … but can they ever make love last?

It's true Charlie Rockwell has a history of rash decisions that have left her wary of attachments. But when she sees the sad-eyed Rottie on TV, her heart kind of melts. Of course, she realizes too late she's adopted a huge dog with no manners and even less training. When a simple trip to the dog park turns into a disaster of epic proportions, she finds herself thrust into the path of a handsome stranger, Will.

Will Porter believes in order and routine. He's quiet and well-behaved, just like his model canine, a golden retriever named Tuck. Will can hardly control his anger when a savage Rottweiler picks a fight with poor Tuck at the dog park… Until he gazes into the lovely owner's tearful eyes and finds himself offering to help tame her dog's beastly behavior.  A mistake, as he soon realizes she bears an uncanny likeness to his ex.

Can Will get past her resemblance to his past, and learn to love—and trust—again? And can Charlie find the joy in a simpler, more settled existence? Who knows, maybe opposites can not only attract, but also stick together.

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A single mother fighting for her dreams, a talented doctor who's given up on his … can they find their way back to love, together?

Luke Ward was New York City’s best and brightest young physician until a freak accident changed everything. Now the staff doctor at a large retirement village in Abilene, he plans to live out the rest of his days hiding from the pain he’s traveled so far to escape.
When the father of her unborn child walked out, Mandy Rockwell swore off men for good. Still, she refuses to give up her baby, or her dream of opening her own bakery. Which leaves little room in her life for anything else, especially not another high risk relationship.
Both have everything to lose, but somehow Luke and Mandy can’t ignore the spark that ignites between them. Will they find the courage to make a future together, and what will happen when their pasts come calling once again?

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Would you risk the best friend you ever had for a chance at the greatest love you’ve ever known?

Arthur Rockwell never meant to fall in love with the girl next door, but that’s precisely what happened when her summer away shone a spotlight on feelings he didn’t even know he had. Now she’s back in town and more beautiful than ever, and he wants nothing more than to take her into his arms and give her an earth-shattering kiss. The only problem is, he’s the guy she comes to with all her secrets, all her problems, and all her dreams—he’s her best friend, and he’d hate to give that up.

Ronnie Wright has loved Arthur Rockwell forever and a day, but only as a friend. From the way he’s been looking at her lately though, she can’t help but question if his love for her has taken a slightly different turn. She’d hate to leave Arthur wondering but she also doesn’t want to risk losing the best friend she’s every had—especially since she’s not entirely convinced things could ever work out between the two of them.

Will Arthur and Ronnie risk the beautiful friendship they’ve built over the years for a chance at even more beautiful love story? 

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Love really is a battlefield for these two!

Wayne Rockwell loves his life. He’s the lead guitarist for up-and-coming rock band Titanic Overdrive and just opened his own karate dojo in downtown Anchorage. Yeah, life is pretty perfect.

Kelly Costa’s star is also on the rise. She’s two years away from completing her doctorate in history and also has a potential record deal in the works for her pop group, Kell’s Belles.

Egos clash at a local battle of the bands concert that pits Wayne and Kelly’s groups against one another. She can’t figure out why she’s strangely drawn to someone she has every reason to hate. And he refuses to admit that his biggest rival may actually be the most amazing person he’s ever met. It will all come to a head when a sudden power outage leaves them trapped together in a darkened elevator.

Can brains and brawn come together in a perfect duet, or is their love destined to be tainted from the get-go? Find out in this rad 80’s romance!

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What if you met the love of your life, but were too drunk to notice?

Lewis Rockwell can’t believe his brother is getting married so young—and to his ex-girlfriend at that. He’ll definitely need more than his fair share of alcohol to make it through the night. And while he comes for the open bar, he stays for the beautiful woman tending it. Now if only he could convince her that he’s speaking from his heart and not his vodka tonic.

Susie Quinn hates working weddings, but drunk and lonely singles tend to tip well and she definitely needs the money if she’s going to pay her way through law school. When the groom’s good-looking brother takes an obvious interest in her, Susie’s flattered but also annoyed. She’s made a promise to herself: No boys until after graduation. But when he looks at her with those big, green eyes, Susie feels herself falling hard and fast in the completely wrong direction.

Will Lewis and Susie find their way into each other’s arms before the night is through? And can a drunken night of fun and flirtation ultimately turn into so much more? 

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What happens when a mistaken identity becomes so much more?

Oscar Rockwell has an agreement with his overly involved mother. He’ll go out on one more blind date, if she agrees to stop fixing him up after that.

Lolly Jonas’s life has always revolved around music. When an agent invites her to meet up at the local tavern, she jumps at the opportunity.

A case of mistaken identity leads Oscar and Lolly right into each other’s arms. He thinks his mother has finally got things right, and she thinks the smitten veterinarian is actually the agent who will facilitate her big break onto the country music scene.

Will they still care for each other when they realize that neither is what the other expects? Find out in this sweet contemporary romance, perfect for music and animal lovers alike! 

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Will they find their way out of disaster and into each other’s hearts?

When the opportunity to make a huge real estate sale presents itself just before Christmas, Viola Rockwell knows it could be a career-maker for her—even if it means being away from her family for the holidays.

Shane McKinley is ready to quit his job as a ski instructor and finally finish writing his break-out novel. Then a stunning dark-haired beauty shows up at the Fairbanks resort just before the holidays, and he of course volunteers to give her a tour of the property.

They have nothing in common except for their shared desire to escape the resort as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a snowmobiling misadventure leaves them trapped behind an avalanche wall on Christmas Eve with no one around to come to their rescue. Is their holiday ruined? Will Viola miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime? Will they even survive the night? Here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle or two…

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